The $52 bedroom humidifier combats dry, stale, uninspired air in your home

You never truly appreciate a home with perfect humidity until you're forced to live somewhere that seems to suck the moisture right out of the air. It's more than just inconvenient. Low humidity can dry out your skin, lips, and hair, resulting in scratchy throats and noses, while causing itching and chapping. The bottom line is — it isn't fun.

With the help of a 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Bedroom Humidifier from TaoTronics, you can make sure to get your home back to a happy equilibrium, pushing moisture back into your air so you can breathe more comfortably, get your best skin back, and generally live a more contented life.

The unit comes prepared with an automatic humidity monitoring system that can keep your indoor relative humidity at ideal levels all the time, so your relaxation is never disturbed. That includes a microporous filter cartridge, filtering micro-organisms and bad odor from water while adding healthy, fresh moisture back into the air. It's also got a large 4L water holding area, which helps boost air moisture in a space up to more than 320 sq. ft.

Speaking of undisturbed relaxation, the Cool Mist is silent as a ninja, utilizing patented noise reduction technology that scrubs the air vigorously at an exceedingly quiet 28dB.

The LED display offers full control over all of the humidifier's capabilities, while the 3.6-inch opening is wide enough to refill and clean the water storage area with relative ease. It's even got an auto shut-off which will power the Cool Mist down whenever the tank is empty of water or getting low.

Right now, you can enjoy a healthy, airy environment in your home or office with the TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Bedroom Humidifier, now on sale for just $51.99.

Prices subject to change