UK documentary cut scene claiming Prince William spread rumors about Prince Harry's mental health

The Daily Beast, quoting The Daily Mail, reports that a TV documentary broadcast in the UK was edited at the last minute to remove scenes at the behest of staff of Prince William, an unusally overt act of self-censorship demanded by royalty who supposedly have only a ceremonial role in government.

William's staff reportedly objected to a claim that his office spread rumors about his younger brother Harry's mental health.

British terrestrial network ITV dramatically cut footage of journalist Omid Scobie claiming that Prince William's staff at Kensington Palace planted a media story questioning the state of Prince Harry's mental health.

It had previously been reported that the show featured Scobie saying: "I would say that it was no coincidence that it was shortly after that aired, even the next day, there were source quotes that came from a senior aide at Kensington Palace saying that William was worried about his brother's mental health."

In the actual version of the show which screened last night, Scobie's comment was cut and the words, "about his brother's mental health" were excised.

An outstanding example of the Streisand Effect, vaulting a story from a fusty audience of royalwatchers to media that would usually not care.

Prince Charles' expansive political meddling has become more well-known in recent years, too, but libel threats are not apparently among them. You'd think with his name he'd be more circumspect about the applicable precedents.