"We have to do this now": management of collapsed tower knew structural situation was dire

CNN reports that "urgent" discussions were held in 2020 about the need to deal with water intrusion at Champlain Towers South, with documents detailing visible damage "significantly worse" than the 2018 engineering report that said expensive repairs were needed immediately — and so much infighting over the costs that most of the condominium's board members quit. No significant work appears to have been completed before the tower's June 24 collapse, in which some 150 residents died or are missing.

By April 2021, the president of the condominium's board, Jean Wodnicki, was warning that "the concrete deterioration is accelerating.""The observable damage such as in the garage has gotten significantly worse since the initial [2018] inspection," Wodnicki wrote in a letter to building residents. Infighting among the board members over the repairs, which had jumped in price from an estimated $9 million to $15 million by 2021, had led in part to the resignation the majority of the condominium's board by the fall of 2019