8 health benefits of eating pineapple

Any time I eat fresh pineapple I always wonder: why don't I eat this ALL the time? A single pineapple bite is so juicy that it's not just refreshing and delicious but also seems to quench one's thirst–like a little liquid blast with each chunk. That's because pineapple is 87% water. This is one of those few things where not only is something decadently tasty but it is actually really good for you too.

  1. Heart health

A recent study found that eating pineapple daily offered protection against high blood cholesterol levels in rats. With high cholesterol as a risk factor for heart disease this is a a step in the right direction.

2. May reduce cancer risk

Pineapple has phenolic acid, flavinoids and vitamin C which are antioxidants that can help decrease the chances of cancer as well as other diseases.

3. May boost immune system

With high amounts of vitamin C pineapples can help lower the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Manganese can also help treat sinusitis and bronchitis.

4. May help brain health

Pineapple contains bromelain which may degrade select molecules associated with Alzheimer's disease. More research is needed to confirm this, however.

5. May aid slowing aging of the skin

Vitamin C is a great weapon in limiting the damage done by the sun. Vitamin C can stimulate collagen synthesis and provide protection with antioxidants, giving skin a tighter, healthier appearance and limit dryness.

6. May reduce the symptoms of arthritis

Vitamin C is again the hero that helps so many things. In this case it is a powerful anti-inflammatory which may aid in the swelling, stiffness and pain that arthritis brings. More research is still needed.

7. May boost digestive health

Bromelain breaks down proteins and can serve as an aid to those suffering from diareah. Also, the bromelain may help against ulcers by giving the stomach's mucous membrane assistance. Of course, as with many things this may depend on the individual. Some fruits as high in acid as pineapples may have a negative impact on people suffering with reflux symptoms.

8. Aid in post-workout recovery

After stressing muscles and joints by doing any kind of strenuous activity the vitamin C and Bromelain in pineapples may help repair areas of fatigue and soreness as effective anti-inflammatories.

Sure, most of these benefits add that it "may" help specific areas of your health and generally more research is needed to tout pineapple as a cure-all but rarely is there something that good that is also incredibly good for you.