Singapore man bludgeons coworker with a mallet for walking around naked

On Tuesday July 6 a Singapore man, Saw Paing Soe Thu, was sentenced to 13 months in jail for hitting his coworker in the head with a mallet, which is deemed as voluntarily causing hurt with a dangerous weapon. Now, Saw Paing Soe Thu was not unprovoked. In fact, in Singapore's court system the full measure of the sentence could have involved 7 years of imprisonment, fines and caning, so perhaps due to the circumstances of the crime the judge understood what drove him to act and gave him a break.

Saw Paing Soe Thu's co-worker at the fish farm they worked at in Singapore began walking around in the nude back in February. There is no indication why Aung Win Htut decided to shed his clothes at work but Saw Paing Soe Thu was having none of it. He promptly told Htut not to walk around naked. But, on April 9 of this year a birthday-suited Aung Win Htut paraded around the fish farm once again.

via Yahoo!:

Aung Win Htut emerged from a shower without clothes at around 6pm. Saw Paing Soe Thu was cooking when his co-worker walked to the cooking area to turn off the fire heating his kettle.

Saw Paing Soe Thu was cooking on the stove when Aung Win Htut appeared behind him naked. Uneasy, Saw Paing Soe Thu scolded his co-worker and was angry at his colleague for being in the nude.

A while later, Saw Paing Soe Thu consumed half a bottle of rice wine. At about 9.40pm that day, the intoxicated man felt furious, as his co-worker repeatedly appeared naked. He took a mallet – usually used to kill fishes – from the storage area and approached Aung Win Htut, who was talking on the phone. 

Saw Paing Soe Thu then hit the victim on the forehead with the mallet. The victim fell to the ground and bled from his forehead. He contacted the owner of the fish farm for help and the latter called the police located at the Police Coast Guard at Lim Chu Kang Regional Base.

The victim was brought to Lim Chu Kang jetty with the help of workers from a nearby fish farm and an ambulance conveyed him to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Aung Win Htut sustained a forehead laceration and a sinus bone fracture for which he underwent surgery. He was given hospitalisation leave from 9 April to 2 May.

Of course, the severity of Htut's injuries requires Saw Paing Soe Thu to do some time and nudity is no reason for that kind of violence, but it also seems like there was some fair warning. Keep your downstairs business to yourself Htut, especially when working at the fish farm.