Slide these toothbrushes on your fingers and give your dog a dentist's clean

A dog's teeth are really no different than a human's teeth. But for all the brushing and dentist visits and other steps we humans take to preserve our pearly whites… well, dogs — they just don't care. They don't go to the dentist. They don't floss. And no, dogs don't brush. In fact, if you try to brush their teeth for them, the pointy, jabby brushes poking at their sensitive gums will usually lead to a lot of squirming, a lot of anxiety, and a lot of escaping.

While the old myth about a dog's mouth being cleaner than a human's mouth isn't true, that doesn't mean your canine should be going without brushing. To help, the Boshel Dog Finger Toothbrush Set can help turn what's often a battle of wills between you and your dog into a relatively smooth teeth-cleaning process.

Unlike regular toothbrushes that can be difficult to wedge into a stubborn pooch's mouth, this toothbrush sports an ergonomic design specifically angled to help clean a dog's front and back teeth. Meanwhile, these bristles are all extra soft so your dog doesn't fight back against any gum poking.

This package includes eight finger toothbrushes, which literally slip onto your finger to handle the brushing. That makes for a snug fit that can get in for a much more thorough cleaning, hitting trapped food and plaque along the gumline while reaching spots longer brushes can't. Meanwhile, dog parents can use just the right amount of pressure to ensure your dog doesn't bolt for the backyard.

When used daily, these doggie toothbrushes can do the same job that a human brush does, decreasing the risk of teeth and gum problems down the road. And yes, daily cleaning will help improve your dog's breath. Just give it a try and find out. You'll thank us later.

Right now, an eight-pack in the Boshel Dog Finger Toothbrush Set is on sale for just $8.99 while this deal lasts.

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