The Eve is an at-home hydroponics garden that can fit right in your living room

We'd all love to have a spacious outdoor garden, a glorious place to sit back, relax, and grow a huge variety of amazing flowers, plants, herbs, vegetables, and more. In your fantasy, it's fantastic. Of course, the reality is that you may live in an 8-floor walk-up with barely an outdoor window sill to call your own, let alone a giant swath of soil to cultivate your green thumb.

You don't have to completely turn away from your dream of a sumptuous garden. You will, however, have to modify those expectations, and likely, the entire mode by which you grow. And that leads back to just one word: hydroponics.

Homegrown indoor gardens fueled by hydroponics are busting out everywhere these days, and a brilliantly compact, yet ultra-efficient gardening system like The Eve is a smart method for bringing all that life right indoors without missing a beat.

The Eve by Just Vertical is a modern hydroponic grow system that's designed to fit nicely into even the tiniest of homes. Measuring in at just under 5 feet tall and just a foot and a half wide, the Eve almost looks like a bureau, a bookcase, or a little space for knick-knacks inside a home. But when you look a little closer, you'll see it's actually home to a vertical garden, including space for up to 12 plants.

Everything grows together under an automated lighting system featuring a pair of LED lights and a high-tech filter that efficiently sends unused water back through the system, offering the plants a constant flow of water and nutrients. In fact, you only need to water plants in the Eve every three weeks. The structure handles the rest.

Users can harvest and enjoy over 200 varieties of plants, including herbs, leafy greens, tomatoes, strawberries, and more, producing a full crop literally every month.

In addition to picking up the Eve, now available at $599.99, a full $100 off its regular price, you can also stock up with one of four different herbal kits you can start growing. Choose from the Cocktail Herb Mix, the Herbalicious Chef Mix, the Refined Herb Mix, or the Classic Caprese Mix, each on sale for just $34.99.

Prices subject to change