Yosemite Sam doppelgänger makes handmade, artisanal corndogs

Just the other day someone asked me if I had ever actually eaten a corndog?

Yes, I have.

When I was a kid there was a cultural artifact in our malls, and located under the Santa Monica Pier, called Hot Dog on a Stick. They would dip battered hotdogs and wedges of cheese into a deep fat jacuzzi. I was amazed at the danger because right next to the boiling vat of fat, there were frequently two young girls with GIGANTIC hats jumping up and down, ostensibly making lemonade.

I learned to love a corndog.

This guy uses "thems" as if it is a real word. I would keep my eye on the wily chef, but his corndogs look pretty awesome. I am tempted to try making some.

and here is video to confirm my memory is not awful: