Youtuber makes duct tape kayak to escape 'the island'

In this tribute to Cast Away, Fowler of Fowler's Makery and Mischief made himself a duct tape kayak and paddle.

Oh, the things we have all "fixed" with duct tape. Where "fixed" means "works for now." Sometimes that damn ducttape lasts for years, and years, and years. Any number of #vanlife problems were semi-permanently fixed with sugar skull duct tape.

Hell, my BMW motorcycle should have come with a roll in the factory toolkit.

Duct tape is powerful stuff. No surprises at Fowler's outcome, but it's fun. I started the video closer to the event, as he spends a lot of time on his Tom Hank's tribute. Feel free to start at the top. I picked 12:33.

Also, not much of an island.

I found Fowler looking for slingshot videos.