This $50 wireless headset sounds fantastic, fits comfortably, and connects to just about anything

Ten years ago, headsets were only for people who worked in call centers or anyone who wanted to look particularly boujee. But between online gaming, Zoom calls and the explosion of VoIP technology, headsets are on almost every desk. And if you don't have one yet, you've probably been thinking about it.

For those ready to get in on the whole headset aesthetic, a tip — wires do you no favors. Instead, models like the Naztech N980 BT Over-the-Head Headset can not only deliver the goods for all of your various audio needs, it does it with absolutely no wires.

From desktops, laptops, and gaming systems all the way to any Bluetooth-compatible device, including smartphones, tablets, GPS navigators, and more, this headset has you covered. Designed with a noise-canceling boom microphone and enhanced speakers along with the latest Bluetooth technology, this headset delivers high-quality sound, not to mention easy pairing and a signal connection that assures you'll never miss a call or drop a beat.

This headset features custom-tuned drivers serving up dynamic HD audio for a single ear, all while the other one stays open to everything happening around you. And the noise cancellation does its part too, reducing unwanted background noise so you only hear what you want to hear. It's also versatile enough to jump back and forth between your devices, even capable of connecting with two separate Bluetooth devices at the same time.

The headband is engineered with a plush memory foam ear cup, and a flexible headband for those long sessions online. And speaking of long sessions, you'll never have to drop a call to charge up with charging possible from the headset base or through a USB power source. And once it's fully charged and ready, it'll keep delivering for up to 15 hours of talk or playtime before it needs more juice.

Right now, the Naztech N980 BT Over-the-Head Headset with Base is $9 off the regular price, a $59 headset now on sale for just $49.99.

Prices subject to change