This LED camping lantern doubles as a flashlight and power bank when you need it most

Outside of water and shelter, there may be nothing more valuable when you're out in the wilderness than light. But unlike water and shelter, light isn't 24/7, and when darkness falls, you need to trust that the device you chose to help illuminate your surroundings. Considering how many inferior flashlights, lanterns, and other lighting sources exist, it's not always a given that the light will shine when you flip that switch.

Thankfully, this Handheld Multifunction LED Camping Waterproof Lantern from Onetify takes its mission very seriously, not only serving as a source of cut through the dark but also handling other critical functions around the old campsite.

Of course, this lantern is a light source first, but even that light can come in many forms. Portable and lightweight at less than 1 lb., you can use the two-way hook to hang the lantern from your tent to bathe your area in light, hold it in your hand like a flashlight and emit a beam up to 600 feet, or even carry it like a lunch pail by its easy-grip handle.

Sporting T6 lamp beads, users can choose high or low modes and between three different lighting modes in white, red, or strobing SOS lights. It'll even remain lit for up to 8 hours at 100 percent brightness. That sustaining power comes from a USB-rechargeable battery that also allows this lantern to be used as a power bank, supplying energy to any of your power-starved devices when needed. 

Meanwhile, you'll always be able to count on this light thanks to its burly construction. Made from durable plastic and rubber, this lantern is tough enough to handle tumbles and scrapes. It's IPX4 water-resistant, meaning it's more than ready to fend off water splashes or even a downpour or two and still keep kicking on that much-needed light.

Regularly $69, this Handheld Multifunction LED Camping Waterproof Lantern is now on sale at almost 60 percent off its regular price, down to just $29.99.

Prices subject to change