All of Trump's boasting about being a tax expert juxtaposed with suddenly playing stupid in new video

After The Trump Organization and its longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg were indicted for tax-related crimes last week, Donald Trump played dumb about taxes at his Florida rally. "I don't even know. … Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?"

But he's also dumbly played tax "king" over the years, boasting about his expertise on the subject – "I know how the tax code works better than anyone. … I'm the king of the tax code. … I know more formulas. I know more about tax abatements. I know more about taxes than any human being that God ever created. … I knew how to use the tax code to rebuild my company when others didn't have a clue" – as seen in this #IndictTrump Meidas Touch video, which aptly ends with "Case closed."