Boy, 11, earns quantum physics degree in 18 months, wants to make people immortal

Laurent Simons, 11, earned a bachelor's degree with distinction from the University of Antwerp in 18 months of study. His major was quantum physics. Now Simons, who is half Belgian and half Dutch, is planning for his doctorate that will take him to several different countries including Israel, a hub of biotechnology. He says that his research goal is "immortality" achieved by "replacing as many parts of the body as possible with artificial organs."

From The Age:

"I can imagine that a lot of people think 'leave him alone, he is still young'," [Laurent's mother] said.

"But people who say that have not had a child like Laurent. Everyone, including psychologists, who want to give advice, just can't, because there's never been a case like this before".

"I find it flattering that people compare me with Einstein," said Laurent, who has an IQ of 145. "But I think everyone is unique. Einstein is just Einstein and I, Laurent, am just Laurent."

top image: Instagram