#vanlife 1987 Dodge campervan edition

This looks to be one of the nicest, best-kept examples of a super-sketchy-looking late 1980s American camper van conversion. Lovingly kept factory-but-with-patina, this 1987 Roadtrek Versatile still gives off a 'you are gonna murdered if you set foot inside' vibe.

I love orange and brown, I think it is just that the conversion camper van family of this era got a bad rap in Southern CA, where I grew up. We were always on the lookout for dudes in these vans purportedly offering kids candy; we were not supposed to accept the candy or get into the van. So sayeth Officer Bird.

Doug DeMuro is super enthusiastic, as he is, and gives a wonderful tour of this van that has none of the charms of a Volkswagen. However, if Dough offered me candy I still would not get into that van.

The Dodge however is likely a lot easier to keep running.

Creepy, but well-equipped for urban camping I see many of these on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles.