Meet Professor Grrrballs, my dog Electra's favorite doll

My darling golden retriever Electra absolutely adores this plush alligator by Kong. We call him Professor Grrrballs.

Grrrballs is the evil mastermind behind most of the capers that go wrong around here.

If I find that a delivery box, or some packaging has been mysteriously left shredded and strewn across a room, if a pillow has been separated from its stuffing, or some delicious piece of food has gone missing?

We blame the Professor.

The Professor leads a small criminal gang known as the Dopes, but they aren't made by Kong and are largely missing limbs, ears, or filthy. Grrrballs himself is easy to toss in the laundry. Being a gator, he lacks ears and things to pull off.

Electra likes to snuggle Prof Grrbaals. While they are always diametrically opposed, one an agent of good and the other of light, over time she is forced to reflect on their similarities and what would have to occur that might lead her to shred some cardboard or food packaging in the living room.

Personally, I think Grrrballs is a dick.

KONG – Cozie Ali Alligator – Indoor Cuddle Squeaky Plush Dog Toy – For Medium Dogs via Amazon