Miami town commissioner eager to meet with Elon Musk in Vegas

The Miami Herald shares a story wherein experts seemingly dismiss the Boring Company and its touted achievements, but town commissioners are headed to Vegas, baby!

In March, the engineer responsible for the world's deepest traffic tunnel, in Switzerland, called Musk a "whipper of foam."

"On his reference project in Las Vegas, Musk drilled 20 meters in one week. We can do the same route in one day," Martin Herrenknecht said, according to Tesla blog Teslarati.

In the same report, at least one Miami town commissioner is looking forward to visiting Las Vegas to see the awesome up close and personal.

Meanwhile, North Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Joseph said he and, likely, other city officials plan to go to Vegas to tour the project there later this summer. Joseph spoke with Boring Co. officials in March about building a system under State Road 826.

"If I think it would be good for the citizens of North Miami Beach, we'll move it forward," he said in an interview Wednesday. "From what I've been told, their tech allows them to do this at a reduced cost, but I'm looking to learn more by seeing it up close."

I am unclear, after reading the article, if the Boring Company will subsidize this tunnel under a river in a hurricane plagued, swap adjacent location that is largely below or gonna-be-below sea level, if the Boring Co can tunnel cheaply because they are 'slow' compared to expert tunnel guy but still within real-world acceptable tunnel-times, or Vegas is just fun.

Expert tunnel guy seems pretty sure that what happened in Vegas ought to stay in Vegas.

I just like Time Tunnel. Build one of those, Elon!