SQL is the backbone of data science. This $20-course collection explains it all

If you want to learn data science, you're going to need to understand exactly how that data is stored and organized first. That means those with an interest in knowing how to read and interpret data have to start by learning the most universal language of organizing it: SQL

Data in a database is basically information sectioned into tables, rows, and columns. SQL gives users the power to store, retrieve, manage or manipulate that data in virtually any direction. It's the ultimate skeleton that unlocks the world of data analysis that comes from all that information. 

The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle is like Rosetta Stone for understanding this foundational data science language, opening up a world of career possibilities for those with the knowledge to use and manipulate databases to find hidden meanings inside all those numbers. This collection includes seven courses packed with almost 24 hours' worth of instruction on everything that a first-timer needs to understand about the proper care and feeding of databases.

A handful of this coursework will help get novices up to speed. Learn SQL for Data Analysis offers a quality entry point, designed by Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics experts as a solid introduction to the skills that matter when using SQL for data analysis, including how to define data with SQL, create tables and load data, and how to use conditional logic.

Further courses like SQL 101: Writing Queries in the SQL Language and SQL Server Training Course expand on that foundation, giving learners the chance to set up an SQL server database and start writing meaningful queries using SQL.

Other courses further round out your SQL exploration, including Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL and Learn the Fundamentals of MySQL Database Development, where users get hands-on training with MySQL, one of the most popular tools for making database queries.

With this current deal, The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle is available now for just $19.99, or less than $3 per course.

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