Twitter bans white nationalist Nick Fuentes just as congressional Republicans warm to him

Nick Fuentes, the far-right commentator who attended the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, compared the Holocaust to a cookie-baking operation and suggested killing state legislators, was finally banned from Twitter today. Given that there was nothing in the rulebook he hadn't broken before, it wasn't clear what finally forced Twitter's hand and the company declined to tell reporters what it was.

…on Friday, long after a bevy of other platforms—among them YouTube, PayPal, and TikTok—had booted him, Twitter finally stripped his access for unclear reasons. Company spokesperson Trenton Kennedy declined to specify why they did so, telling Mother Jones only that he'd been "permanently suspended for repeated violations of the Twitter Rules." He declined to share more information.

Fuentes is perhaps the most blatantly racist figure on the American far-right to receive official support from the Republican Party, recently joining forces with Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar.

"There is some hope, maybe, for America First in Congress," Mr. Fuentes said, referring to the name of his movement, a group that aims to preserve white, Christian identity and culture. "And that is thanks to — almost exclusively — to Representative Paul Gosar."