Two men in Greece were busted for cocaine, although the "drug" was a simple craft supply

If you're headed for Greece, leave your craft supplies behind. If you live in Greece, same advice. Two men were arrested on drug possession and trafficking charges in northern Greece after police found a white powdery substance in their car. They were locked up for two days before authorities finally realized the offensive material was wood glue.

From AP:

The prosecutor dropped drug possession and trafficking charges against the men, Albanian nationals ages 38 and 44, following their appearance Wednesday in the northern city of Thessaloniki.

A state lab where the powder was analyzed said the substance seized by police, initially believed to be cocaine, was in fact wood glue powder that had partially crystallized due to the high temperature inside the car's trunk.

Police detained the men for two days, while authorities confiscated their cellphones, the vehicle and 2,900 euros ($3,450) as alleged profits from drug trafficking.

The glue offenders were able to retrieve their belongings and are now free.