Watch and cringe: Trump Jr. tries to be funny on CPAC stage and is met with humiliating silence

Yeesh. This video is hard to watch. Donald Trump Jr. was trying to be funny at a CPAC conference today but was met with dead silence.

His lame attempt at humor looked almost promising at first. When he said "Texas has always led the charge," there was half-hearted laughter from the audience.

Then came his jacked-up nonsense – "Well until about like a couple months ago and then Austin sort of took over like I don't know guys like Texas was leading the charge. You're still top 25." – and not a single chuckle could be heard. He tried to save the uncomfortable moment with even more gibberish: "We gotta work on that stuff cuz those people have lost their minds." The room was so quiet you could feel the cringe.

Junior's face froze, and then he said, without confidence, "Right?" Finally, he looked off to the side of the stage in desperation. But no one came to his rescue.