Man steals golf club from pro-golfer's bag as the stunned golfer watches (video)

A bold gentleman at the Scottish Open casually helped himself to one of pro-golfer Rory McIlroy's golf clubs on Friday as if it were his own. As McIlroy stood just inches away from his bag, chatting with his caddie on the practice range, the man at first tried grabbing a club, but only managed to pinch the club's head-cover. He then reached back into the bag, plucked out the club, and sauntered away with it. Perhaps a bit stunned, McIlroy stood motionless as he watched the man, then whipped his head around to check out his golf bag, as if hoping his eyes had deceived him.

The second video below shows a different angle, in which you can see the gent getting ready to tee off with his newfound club, just yards away from McIlroy. But security was quicker than he was and put an end to the Tomfoolery.

Not caught in the footage below is security escorting the man "off the premises," according to Insider, but not before he tried pocketing the driver cover ā€“ "but that quest was quickly denied by security as well."