Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz dumped by Orange County venue at the last minute

Toxic duo Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz were set to host an "America First" rally in Orange County on July 17, but when the venue found out who was behind the event, they canceled. The controversial House Representatives are apparently too extreme even for conservative Orange County.

"As soon as we found out who the speakers were we immediately canceled it," Javad Mirtavoosi, general manager of Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center, told The Orange County Register.

From OCR:

Gaetz and Greene have been co-hosting America First rallies across the country since early May, when they kicked off the series in a Florida retirement community that heavily supported Trump in 2020.

Along with supporting the controversial former president and many of his policies, the pair have faced controversies of their own. Gaetz is under investigation for accusations of having a sexual relationship with a minor, while Green was booted from her House committees in February over her comments supporting far right extremists.

Earlier this year, both were linked to plans to create a political caucus that would espouse the idea that the United States is an "Anglo-Saxon" culture and that mass immigration is supplanting white culture — ideas previously espoused by white nationalists. Plans to start the caucus were dropped after negative public response and pushback from some in the GOP.

The cancelation came on the same week as news that Greene, along with GOP extremist Lauren Boebert, was shunned by conservative fundraising group Value In Electing Women Political Action Committee, who are refusing campaign donations to both women, referring to the two Qnuts as "carnival barkers."

With only a week to go for an event that is still selling tickets, Greene and Gaetz scramble to find another venue.

Image by DonkeyHotey / Flickr