Jibba Jabba was a toy you played with by violently shaking its neck

I recently found an old Jibba Jabber doll in my grandparents' basement, which brought back all the fun memories I have of playing with this weird, noise-making toy as a child. When you hold the Jibba Jabber's neck and shake it around, it makes a noise that sounds similar to a squeaky dog toy, or a Groan Tube.

Jibba Jabbers were made by the company Ertl in the mid-90s, and included an insert that warned people about Shaken Baby Syndrome in the packaging with the doll: "when Ertl was told about Shaken Baby Syndrome, the company responded, as reported by the US Advisory Board on Child Abuse and Neglect, by "placing an insert in Jibba Jabber packaging explaining that while Jibba Jabber is for fun, a lethal form of child abuse involves the shaking of babies. The pamphlet lists seven ways to react positively to a child rather than resorting to violence. [Wikipedia]"