The Serafim Keybo turns any flat surface into a full-sized keyboard

We're getting closer and closer to Minority Report every day, aren't we? No, we don't mean philosophical discussions about free will vs. determinism or the encroachment on civil liberties or the ethics of living in a surveillance state. No, we're just talking about really, really good tech.

Back in 2002 as the world marveled at Tom Cruise thumbing through virtual files on his path of predictive policing, we wished we could just conjure information in thin air. It's taken us nearly 20 years, but we're starting to get real, real close.

Case in point — the Serafim Keybo, the world's most advanced virtual laser projection keyboard. And if you're wondering whether we're talking about a keyboard for typing and writing, or a keyboard for playing piano, the answer is a resounding yes. The Serafim Keybo exceeded its Kickstarter goal by almost five times during its initial funding stage, and it really isn't difficult to understand why.

Syncing via Bluetooth or USB to your smartphone or another mobile device, it literally only takes seconds for the Keybo to turn any flat surface into a fully functioning keyboard. Just pop your phone on top of the Keybo, fire it up, and the Keybo projects the keyboard right on your desktop or other surfaces so you can type away. It's even set up for polyglots, capable of projecting multiple language layouts for a host of different languages.

And as if it wasn't cool enough that the Serafim Keybo can help turn your phone into a portable workstation almost anywhere, it's got an equally cool double life filling in as a virtual musical keyboard as well. Using the built-in music app, the Keybo can also project the keys of a piano, which you can play right through the phone. In addition to the piano, the Keybo can also fire up a guitar, bass, and drums, so if you get four people all working with the Keybo at once, you can all team up and form a band. The whole thing runs on a 2,000mAh power battery, so it delivers up to 10 hours of usage time on a single charge.

The Serafim Keybo usually sells for $109, but right now, you can get one at over 20 percent off, down to just $84.99.

Prices subject to change