This insulated french press is how I drink coffee all-day

An average day, these days, sees me drink this 30oz french press empty twice before 11:30 am.

I bought this GSI insulated french press back when I was living la vida #vanlife. I would wake up, make a french press of coffee and work til my laptop battery drained. That tended to coincide with the french press being empty, or about 4 cups of coffee.

When I took my life out of storage and returned to a less mobile form of housing, I treasured my espresso machine for a few months but have found that I returned to my trusty french press. When I am drinking espresso as my hot morning beverage I find I need to locate the laptop next to the espresso machine and work from there. The volume of espresso shots I need to keep focused appears to be on the order of 6-8 doubles.

The french press sets me free from the kitchen counter and espresso machine. An extension cord or simply moving to my desk when the laptop battery drains allows me to drink more than one pot.

I also use less coffee making 2 coarse ground french press vs 6-8 double shots of finely ground espresso.

It is what floats my boat for the timebeing. I am sure I will return to standing in the kitchen and hammering shots of espresso come winter.

GSI Outdoors, Glacier Stainless JavaPress, 30oz French Press Coffee Mug for Camping via Amazon