As summer gas prices boom remember that Costco gas is just fine

Summer is here and it is road trip time!

A prior post on Boing Boing kicked off a fun debate in the comments about the value of Costco membership. Seeing as Costco gas is $0.80/gallon cheaper than a nearby Chevron, in my neighborhood, I thought I should point out that Costco gas is just fine.

Costco fuel is a top-tier rated gasoline that certainty has enough, if not the same detergent packages as more commonly accepted as high-quality gasoline brands.

Risking my soul and my sanity, I dove into internet forums to assure myself with the wisdom of a whole lot of inexpert people and found that Costco gas is just fine. It is rated as top-tier and there are sorts of stories about Costco's cleanliness, maintenance, and other practices helping ensure you get good quality at a very low price.

Evidently just bringing customers into the station and proximate to those gigantic boxes of M&Ms and bags of beef jerky is enough to make it worth the corporate while to supply gas at near cost.

I really like turning the $5 chicken into chicken soup via the instant pot, but again summer is here and it is road trip time.

The $0.80/gallon savings is at the extreme here in Los Angeles, however the difference is $0.10 from their next lowest competitor and $0.50-$0.60 in most cases. The wait in line is usually 5 minutes or so, but I have not tried at peak.

If you attempt to buy a burger at the neighboring In N Out after buying a tank of gas, you may wake up in the 25th century.