Fox airs a Big Lie disclaimer after Trump repeats his election woes at CPAC

While Fox has been pushing and standing behind the Big Lie since (and before) Donald Trump lost the election to President Joe Biden in 2020, the faux news network is now displaying a disclaimer when they broadcast the lie (see video below). It says: "The voting system companies have denied the various allegations made by [ex] President Trump and his councel [council] regarding the 2020 election."

Of course this is to prevent any further lawsuits after Dominion and Smartmatic sued everyone from Fox to Rudy Giuliani to MyPillow's Mike Lindell for spreading the conspiracy theory that the voting machines "flipped" Republican votes.

The disclaimer popped up in the middle of Fox's CPAC coverage in Dallas over the weekend, right after Trump once again performed his tired ol' routine, whining about his election loss and dancing around the lie.

" … And now, it's also because I got more votes, 75 million, than anybody in the history of the presidency. And far more than Clinton, far more than Obama, and a record 12 million more than 2016. … I was told by a great pollster, really somebody great, John McLaughlin, one of the most respected one. Sir, you got 63 million votes. If you get it up to 64 or 65, nobody can beat you. Can't lose. Thank you John, very much. I got it to 75 and I lost in quotes. I lost. It's a disgrace. It's a disgrace. And what they've done to this movement, I think they've made the movement stronger. I'll tell you, in a certain way, I think that is. On election night, we did so much better than they ever thought in their wildest imagination. That they just said, 'The hell with it. Let it go.' What they did, what they did."

Via HuffPost