Look at this old commercial to teach stoners how to be professional game testers

(The scene opens in an office with two stoners in their early twenties, playing a video game.)

Stoner 1: Aw, hurry up man, the boss is coming in.

Stoner 2: Du-ude. Almost got it.

(A young woman walks in the office. She's the boss and looks concerned.)

Boss: Hey guys, finished testing that game yet? I've got another one I need designed.

Stoner 2: We just finished level three and need to tighten up the graphics a little bit.

Boss: Great.

(Boss exits.)

Stoner 2: Hey, I can't believe we got jobs doing this.

Stoner 1: I know. My mom said I would never get anywhere with these games.

Voiceover: Call Westwood College Online! 800-914-8582! That's 800-914-8582! Call now!

Westwood College was a sleazy for-profit private college that ran low-budget ads on daytime TV that tried to trick stoners into thinking they could get paid to play video games with their bros.

According to Wikipedia, Three Westwood College campuses were disqualified from the GI Bill program in 2011. Later that year Westwood had to stop enrolling students in its Texas campuses after the Veterans Administration determined Westwood was using "erroneous, deceptive, and misleading advertising and enrollment practices."

The Illinois Attorney General filed a lawsuit in 2012 alleging misleading job opportunities. Westwood settled the suit in 2015 after failing to get it dismissed and agreed to pay $15 million towards refunding student loans.

The college stopped admitting new students shortly afterward and announced its closure in March 2016. It also acknowledged that its credits wouldn't transfer to other colleges or universities in most cases.


[via r/ObscureMedia]