Mailman Email Manager brings order to the chaos that is your email inbox

Some timesinks are 100 percent avoidable. Look, you didn't have to kill a whole weekend watching that entire Real Housewives of Atlanta marathon. That didn't have to happen. That's on you. 

But other time-wasters are a lot harder to dodge. Like emails. You might be surprised to learn that technology has actually taken a fairly substantial bite out of spam emails, reducing the flow of junk emails from about 90 percent of all emails back in 2009 down to just under 30 percent today

But admit it, when your email notification bell dings, you run to your box like one of Pavlov's dogs. We can't help it. We need to know who's trying to reach us, even though there's a good chance it's spam or something completely irrelevant. And that's not doing our productivity any favors.

Mailman Email Manager is here to help. A fully customizable email management software system, Mailman gives users full control over which emails they receive and, more importantly, when they receive them.

Mailman is actually almost as much a bouncer for your inbox as a postal worker. With Mailman in place, users can designate preset Do Not Disturb times. Just block out the hours you don't want to be bothered with email notifications — and Mailman makes it so.

With safeguards in place, Mailman then lets users decide when and how often they want to be updated with their most recently arrived emails. Once, twice, three, or even four times a day, users get their current email batch so they can spend the rest of their time focused on work or other projects without interruption.

Mailman will even go a step further, automatically blocking emails from any senders that you haven't already emailed with before, which includes all those newsletters, store ads, and other distractions you don't need. Once a day, Mailman will consolidate all those arrivals into a concise report of everything blocked, so users can then decide if any should get past the velvet rope next time.

And it's not just spammers and businesses who get a thorough vetting. Mailman allows users to set basic rules for any individual emailer. If you want to make sure emails from an ex never get through, while making sure messages from Grandma get you alerted immediately, you have the power.

Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to Mailman Email Manager for just $49.99.

Prices subject to change