Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are 'absolute clown politicians' rants GOP colleague

Representative Adam Kinzinger had a field day on Jake Tapper's show, referring to MTG and Lauren Boebert, two of the horse people of the Qnut apocalypse, as "garbage politicians" and "absolute clown politicians."

"If you're a Republican voter, do not listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene," he begged. "The vaccine is safe, COVID is real, get vaccinated. Because if you are going to listen to the outrage, by the way, in March, she's [Taylor Greene] was bragging about Donald Trump creating the vaccine and now she's saying basically the vaccine is going to kill you."

"I call on Leader [Kevin] McCarthy, I call on every leader in the Republican Party to stand up, say get vaccinated, and to call out these garbage politicians — these absolute clown politicians playing on your vaccine fears for their own selfish gain," he concluded.

Start the video at 5:50 or so the hear the conversation about how the Republican party is off the rails.

via Alternet