Sealed copy of Super Mario 64 breaks videogame auction record at $1.5 million, Luigi very proud

Remember the hubbub last week when a copy of The Legend of Zelda videogame sold for $870,000? It beat the prior videogame sales record set in April when a sealed copy of the original Super Mario Bros. went for $660,000. Those numbers are nothing compared to Sunday's final vid on a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 that sold for $1.5 million.

I hope that whomever bought it raced home, cracked open the plastic protector, tore open that shrink-wrap, blew into the cart, and slammed it right into their console. But somehow I doubt that's how it all played out.

From CNN:

"After the record-breaking sale of the first game in the Zelda series on Friday, the possibility of surpassing $1 million on a single video game seemed like a goal that would need to wait for another auction," Heritage Auctions video games specialist Valarie McLeckie said in a statement.

"We were shocked to see that it turned out to be in the same one! We are proud to have been a part of this historic event," she added.

The game that was sold was immaculately sealed, achieving the highest possible A++ grade from video game grading company WataGames.