The Serafim S1 controller takes your phone or Switch gaming to the next level

Mobile game controllers really run the gamut. It's usually tough enough to play games on those tiny smartphone screens, but when you're trying to maneuver through various joysticks, buttons, and controls at that size as well, it can be a bit of a nightmare.

Thankfully, there are some alternative control options that offer a little more versatility and range of motion. The Serafim S1 Bluetooth Mobile Game Controller fits the bill, offering an easy way to play all your favorite on-the-go games without most of the hassles.

And when we say the Serafim S1 can play all your mobile gaming favorites, we weren't kidding. The S1 is compatible with 10 different platforms ranging from Android, Windows, and Steam to the Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Bluestacks, and more — the S1 gets along with everybody and every system.

Just snap a phone or a Switch into its secure grip, sync, and you're ready to play. Unlike many similar controllers, the Serafim S1 comes ready to jump into most of your favorites, all thanks to the Serafim Play app. The app can call up accurate button mapping for a lot of the most popular games so you can instantly play with an optimized configuration of the more than a dozen buttons and joysticks available.

From Call of Duty Mobile and League of Legends to Minecraft, Injustice 2, Mario Kart Tour, and more, the S1 can get you right to the gaming. Of course, if you're playing a game that somehow doesn't already have a preconfigured setting, you can create your own optimized button mapping taps, slides, turbos, or combo buttons, then save them so your customized controller is always ready to go.

The S1 also calls with some stake-raising macro features, including the ability to record and customize macros for quick and easy looping and to suit individual playstyles. The unit also comes with a battery capable of handling up to 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge.

The Serafim S1 Multi-Platform Gaming Controller retails for $69, but you can save almost 30 percent and get one now for only $49.99.

Prices subject to change