This curved LED floor lamp bathes your room in light and is over 50% off

There's classic, stylish room decor that looks just as at home in a photo from the 40s or 50s as it looks in your house today. Then, there are modern creations that look like they should be in the living quarters of a 30th-century starship. The RGB Modern Curve Lamp from Lamp Depot most definitely fits in the latter category. And when it's in full glow, it looks even more futuristic. 

Stretching just under seven feet, this thin arching black aluminum hook almost looks like the sagging limp of a large house plant. But it's actually an RGB LED strip, ready to spring to life with over 16 million color options. 

You can go with a standard soft white light for reading, or a lively harsher white to illuminate every corner of the room. Or you can vibe with different hues from a golden glaze to a soothing green to a pulsing red. This lamp is also packing over 350 different lighting variations, including a full rainbow of cascading colors in different patterns and speeds to achieve just the room feel you're looking for. And it's all easily adjustable via the handy included remote control unit.

While the look of this lamp is undeniably modern, so are its inner workings as well. The LED light source is rated to last over 20,000 hours, providing about two decades of normal regular usage without a hiccup.

Meanwhile, those long-lasting LEDs help you do your part as an ecologically-minded citizen of the world. Since it doesn't produce the heat of a traditional halogen or incandescent bulb, owners will actually save about 90 percent in energy costs over those older technologies.

The Lamp Depot RGB Modern Curve Lamp normally retails for $299, but it's on sale now at more than 50 percent off the regular price, down to just $129.99.

Prices subject to change