You can now listen to "The Three Body Problem" as a serialized podcast

A few years ago, Tor Books teamed up with playwright Mac Rogers to produce a free serialized fiction podcast called Steal The Stars, which was then adapted into a prose novel. Steal The Stars was a sort of military SF romance based around UFO research, and I absolutely loved listening to it in weekly installments. (I haven't read the novelization, but the audioplay, as it were, is shear delight).

Now, the publisher is taking a similar but opposite approach with Cixin Liu's award-winning novel The Three-Body Problem. Rebranding the Steal The Stars podcast feed as Stories from Among the Stars, they'll be releasing an audio version of The Three-Body Problem in weekly installments — but the serialized story concludes in September, you won't be able to go back and listen to it anymore (at least, not without buying the audiobook, which is how I personally experienced the story myself).

The Three Body Problem is also being adapted into a Netflix series, although that production has been hounded by American censorship and Chinese murder. Maybe one day they'll make a True Crime podcast out of that, and really bring it all full circle.

Image via YouTube