Judge tosses Roy Moore's "pedophile detector" lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen

Alabama judge Roy Moore was once tossed from a mall over his alleged interactions with young girls, and now he's been tossed from the courtroom too. A judge put an end to his lawsuit against Sacha Baron Cohen, who mocked Moore during an in-character interview by waving a loudly-beeping "pedophile detector" over him.

Judge John Cronan wrote that Moore signed a clear disclosure agreement that prohibited any legal claims over the appearance. He added that the absurd segment — in which the comic demonstrated a so-called pedophile detector that beeped when it got near Moore — was "clearly a joke" and no viewer would think the comedian was making factual allegations against Moore.

"The court agrees that Judge Moore's claims are barred by the unambiguous contractual language, which precludes the very causes of action he now brings," Cronan wrote.