Real gun designed to look like Lego toy

A company is making and selling real guns designed to resemble Lego toys, just to rub it in.

Culper Precision said its customised Glock weapon, named Block19, was developed to "highlight the pure enjoyment of the shooting sports". But Danish toymaker Lego has written to the company demanding that it stop producing the weapon, which is covered in what looks like Lego bricks. …

Culper Precision said in a statement that it had chosen to release the Block19 in an attempt to show that guns were "for everyone" and that "owning and shooting firearms responsibly is a really enjoyable activity".

In an Instagram posting, however, the company made clear that it is "a tool to make the weak strong in the face of those who would oppress and maim."

We are sick of the past 30-40 years of slowly capitulating our rights away in the fear of what someone who hates us for exercising our 2nd Amendment rights thinks about us. Rather than live in fear of the loud voices on social media we decided to release Block19 in an attempt to communicate that it is ok to own a gun and not wear tactical pants every day

Thus always to tyrants, with a wink and a nod. What is more likely: patriots overwhelming the authorities with cheap handguns disguised as Lego, or the sudden availability of guns that look like toys giving authorities a new excuse for killing kids with toys that looks like guns?

You can, of course, make your own guns out of lego.