This feeder ball keeps your pets happy, engaged, and well-fed, even when you're busy

Your pet wants your attention. Actually, scratch that. Your pet needs your attention. Those interactions are the moments your dog or cat lives for. But as painful as it may be to acknowledge, you just can't give your pet all the time and attention they crave. It's physically impossible. 

However, you can supply the next best things to your curious cat or determined dog — something to occupy their thoughts and activities when you're unavailable that's focused on the only thing more important to them than you: food. The Educational Interactive Cat and Dog Feeder Ball is that fun, yet intellectually engaging toy that should help keep cats and small dogs happy, active, and well-fed.

Made of high-quality ABS and PC material, pet parents fill the ball with their pet's favorite treats. The bright colors — not to mention the sight of the treats inside the clear plastic dome — grabs your pet's attention. 

Once your pet starts nudging and pushing and smacking and chasing the ball around, the treats work their way through the ball's internal structure to be slowly and safely deposited for eating. This way, there's never too much food being dispensed at any one time, keeping your pet involved while also protecting against indigestion or just making a big treat-infused mess.

Non-toxic and completely safe for your pets, this feeder ball is something to keep a dog or cat happy and engaged for a few minutes while you handle everything else in your life that needs your attention. Considering there's food involved, we're thinking your precious pet won't miss you for the handful of moments it takes for them to secure their tasty prize.

This Educational Interactive Cat and Dog Feeder Ball usually retails for $59, but right now, you can help keep your pet alert and well-fed while saving 25 percent off. That cuts the price of this pet toy down to only $44.99.

Prices subject to change