The Venus Design System helps amateur or professional designers and developers through the UI/UX process

If you're a web design professional, you're always looking for something new and fresh to make your work really pop. If you're not a web design professional, yet trying to do the job, then you really need something new and fresh to help distract from your obvious lack of experience. Not all retro websites are intended to be retro, after all.

Either way, you could use some help. Web designers can charge around $75 per hour and a business website could set you back between $5,000 and $10,000. Backup like the Venus Design System can help not only get those web-creation projects done yourself, but have them looking pretty darn good once you're finished.

A Product Hunt Product of the Day finalist just last month, Venus is a full design tool that offers up almost everything a designer, developer, or web entrepreneur could need. Packed into Venus are over 2,000 components to help bring nearly any web design item come to life beautifully.

Rather than spending hours fighting through the UI/UX process, Venus tries to streamline that workflow, including loads of plug-and-play elements that can cut the web-creation timeline exponentially. In addition to those components, Venus also includes over 1,400 material design icons and another 250-plus global color and typography styles that can give your project a look and feel unlike anyone else's work.

All the elements are built for use in both Android and iOS environments, with free lifetime updates whenever Venus adds a cool new process or feature. Venus also integrates smoothly with the popular Figma vector graphics editor and prototyping tool to help further refine and add extra depth to all of your builds.

Best of all, you can now pick up access to all of Venus Design System's cool web creation features for 60 percent off the regular price. Retailing for $99, it's available now for only $39 while the current deal lasts.

Prices are subject to change.