These JBL headphones fit like a dream and sound great for under $15

Sometimes, it isn't a bad idea to trust in proven brands with a history. For example, JBL has experience in audio that dates back to the '20s, including playing a seminal role in the advancement of movie theater sound technology in the 1930s.

Nearly 100 years later, JBL is still a respected name across a spectrum of consumer audio products, including the JBL Endurance RUN Wired Sport Headphones, which can serve as any audiophile's go-to portable headphones for all-around daily use.

Backed by stellar 4.6 out of 5 star ratings from more than 5,200 Amazon buyers, the Endurance RUN headphones are a solid on-the-go option, especially for those who are constantly fiddling with their earbuds. These headphones employ JBL's Fliphook design, which allows wearers to actually wear the buds the way it's most comfortable for them. 

They can either be worn as more traditional in-ear buds or with a behind-the-ear design for a more secure fit that will really offer some benefits when you're working out. Between JBL's TwistLock and FlexiSoft technologies, these headphones will really stay locked in place with remarkable stability, no matter the workout regimen.

Speaking of heavy activity, the Endurance RUN is a battle-tested running companion too, sporting IPX5 waterproofing so that a little bit of rain and sweat won't be a problem in any conditions.

In addition to their first-rate sound, these earbuds are also equipped to handle other critical life tasks, including the inline button remote with a microphone for tackling hands-free calls. The buds are also magnetic, which definitely serves as a nice little assist when it comes to the always-frustrating world of cable management.

Regularly priced at $19, the JBL Endurance RUN Wired Sport Headphones are available now at 24 percent off, which cuts your price to an even friendlier $14.99.

Prices are subject to change