Another Karen accuses a Black man of stealing a phone, later found in her car

Reminiscent of the Soho Karen who falsely accused a Black teen at a New York hotel of stealing her phone (which later turned up in an Uber), another racist Karen, in California this time, falsely accused a Black man at a Walmart for stealing her son's phone, posted on TikTok by @cristinahatesyou earlier this week. She follows him in a parking lot, and although he shows her what's in his pockets (which he didn't have to do), she still believes he stole it. "I know I'm Black with tattoos, so she automatically assumes I have it," he says to his phone at one point. Eventually the son finds his phone – he had left it in the car. So what does the good mother do? She refuses to apologize, won't give him her name, and even tells the falsely accused man to fuck off.