The FlashQ X20 is the flash that works even when it isn't attached to the camera

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." – Aaron Rose

In photography, subjects and settings matter. But without light, there's no photograph. Everything that a camera does — from controlling darkness and light through ISO to its shutter speed, and the opening of its aperture — is about shaping and capturing light on a subject just the way the artist intends.

As the central tenet of taking quality pictures and video, control over how light bathes your canvas is all-important. The FlashQ X20 Camera Flash was created to offer all types of lighting versatility, from those looking for a traditional on-camera light to those seeking a detachable light source to those who need a steady LED illumination for video shoots.

While camera lights are often big and bulky to accommodate that much power, the X20 is ultra-compact. Just four inches high and weighing about 4 oz., this light can attach easily to a camera's hot shoe and provide ample lighting for any shooting conditions. But the true versatility of the X20 is when you detach the light from its transmitter base, when the wireless TTL function allows it to roam a few inches or even a few feet away from the camera to provide just the lighting effect you need.

The LED light is fully adjustable for anywhere from a 3,000 to 5,600 color temperature, while you can dim it down as low as just 20 percent. All those settings can be adjusted easily from the circular LCD display with clear level readings to calibrate your perfect lighting effect. Plus, the X20 also brings advanced triggering controls, allowing shooters to isolate specific events of interest to optimize the oscilloscope's sample rate and record length.

The X20 can fire about 100 times at maximum power; or dial down to get as many as 2,000 flashes from one set of AA batteries.

One of the most unique camera accessories around, the FlashQ X20 Camera Flash is now on sale at just $144.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices subject to change