These fans might be your best line of defense this summer and they're all on sale

The numbers this summer haven't been pretty. It's one thing when Death Valley hits 130 degrees. Sure, that's insanely hot, but we expect stuff like that. It's Death Valley, for God's sake. But last month was the hottest June on record for the United States, as a "thousand wave heatwave" baked western states. Even beyond the off-the-charts highs in places like Portland and Seattle, even areas like Omaha, Nebraska were sweltering.

And we all know with the state of climate change, the numbers aren't going to start reversing themselves. So all you can do is tech up on cooling equipment that'll do its best to combat this insanity. Right now, these 15 items are among your best bets, each at savings of up to 66 percent off.

Whirlwind Cool Bladeless Mini Fan – $21.99; originally $59

This mini fan is travel friendly, sized to fit easily into a purse or backpack. Meanwhile, the bladeless design and three adjustable speeds make it easy to set your optimal cooling conditions. And it's got a rechargeable built-in battery that also doubles as a phone charger in a pinch. Nothing like a multipurpose lifesaver when you need one.

Air Shower Fan F210 – $129.99

Stylish, unique, and innovative, this air shower is an absolute boomer. You can rotate the fan head across 270 degrees to reach virtually anywhere, packing top-notch air circulation to achieve that signature air shower feeling. Point it up and the air will cool all that stagnant rising air at ceiling level and bathe the room in its chill faster than traditional floor fans.

Fantask 35W 28" Oscillating Tower 3 Wind Speed Bladeless Room Fan – $54.99; originally $69

Another bladeless tower model, this oscillating fan sweeps a 3-speed cooling breeze across your entire area. The dense netted air outlets safeguard any errant fingers from unexpected injury, while this cooler was designed for efficient, yet ultra-quiet use in homes or workplaces without sounding like a garbage truck rumbling through.

16" Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan – $89.99; originally $99

If you need some elevation to your cooling, this pedestal fan stands to almost 4.5 feet high to shoot cooling air up at head and shoulder level. Not only does this fan have three adjustable speeds as well as a double-layer structure to the blades for both high and low-speed airflow, but its also got LED controls and a remote for full cooling control from any spot in the room.

Q-Beam Cyclone Combination Rechargeable LED Work Light and Fan – $59.99; originally $59

Just because you're at the workbench in the garage doesn't mean you don't want to stay cool while working. The Cyclone has a magnetized base that sticks to any metal surface, a three-speed, 260PRM fan to chill things out, and a 1500-lumen, rotating, pivoting head work light that keeps your space illuminated while it cools. Pretty cool.

Costway 20" High Velocity Commercial Industrial Grade 3-Speed Floor Fan – $89.99; originally $129

Here's a commercial-grade fan built to keep serve cool conditions for hours and hours on end. Crafted with tubular steel construction, the aluminum blade fan surges air at three powerful speeds with a full 360 degree pivoting head to angle the airflow just right. It's even got a wall mount component to attach it to the wall of a stuffy garage or business.

Costway Evaporative Air Cooler Portable Fan Conditioner – $149.99; originally $199

Rather than recirculating stale air, this evaporative cooler whisks that air over water-moistened cooling pads then redistributes it. Just mix up the included ice crystals in the 6-liter water tank, fire it up, and the air humidifying technology cuts down the temperature and boosts the room humidity to help prevent air drying. It's also got an 8-hour timer function to keep cooling throughout the night, then shutting off automatically in the morning.

Smart Leafless Fan – $182.95; originally $249

This bladeless design offers smoother airflow without the choppiness of regular fans. It also swings 80 degrees throughout your room to spread the cooling and without the blades, it's a lot safer with kids and pets around. Along with an 8-hour timer, this fan also only drinks up half the energy of a traditional fan so you stay both cool and power-efficient with those high summer energy bills.

The Octopus Adjustable Arm Fan – $39.99; originally $59

The problem with many fans is finding an open, stable spot that can support the fan's footprint. Not a problem for the Octopus. The adjustable tripod legs help this fan stand on any flat surface or wrap around poles, bars, and more, all while the 360-degree swivel head spins and rotates to cool you off. It's all powered by a 5,000mAh rechargeable battery for cordless cooling whenever you need it.

Personal Rechargeable Double Fan Neckband – $29.99; originally $59

Sometimes, you don't know where you're going — but wherever it is, the cooling needs to follow. This hands-free unit drapes across the back of your neck, firing adjustable, 360-degree rotating, three-speed delivering cooling power for whatever you're up to. With four hours of charge from the built-in USB-powered battery, you can stay cool with running, hiking, fishing, or any of your outdoor activities.

Inno Portable Fan with Diffuser – $50.99; originally $69

Cordless, portable, and even foldable, this four-speed fan is a definite EDC item. Ranging anywhere from 5 inches folded to a full 35 inches extended, this fan is powerful, adaptable, and particularly stylish. And for an added bonus, you can add your favorite scents or oils, and the fan will work as a diffuser, spreading your chosen smells throughout the space to relieve stress, tension, and generally relax your vibe.

Easy Breezy Hands-Free Cool Neck Fan – $49.99; originally $149

Another neck-based cooler, this one sports a turbocharged motor that circulates the airflow in a full 360 degrees for an all-encompassing cool breeze. The bladeless design ensures no long hair accidents, while the rechargeable battery is good to go for up to 12 hours on a full charge. And the whole thing is super lightweight, so you won't feel like you're lugging it around while it's on your neck.

Flow by Objecto F3 Fan – $209.99 with code OBJECTO20; originally $229

Here's a standing fan that feels like a sturdy, durable appliance you can count on. The Flow features up to 5 speeds with adjustable air intensity, all running off a powerful, noise-free DC motor. It also brings adjustable heights, fan head angles, a controllable timer, and even an aromatherapy insert feature. 

You can get the F3 fan with a 9.8-inch diameter fan surface at $20 off by using the code OBJECTO20 during checkout; or the 12-inch diameter F5 version for $30 off with the code OBJECTO30.

Outdoor Portable Camping Fan with LED Lights – $54.95; originally $69

Sure, this camping fan will absolutely keep you cool and well-ventilated in and out of the tent, but it also sports a full 18 LED light array that shines even more brightly than ordinary LED flashlights, all while weighing under 1.25 lbs. As a portable device, it's also built with ruthless power efficiency, running for up to 50 hours, depending on your preferred lighting or fanning mode.

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