Intuit TurboTax gives up any pretense of 'free' tax filing

Long having mislabeled products as "free" that are not "free" Intuit has announced that TurboTax will no longer participate in the Federal free income tax filing program.

Intuit has corporate-speaked this announcement into a celebration of things people will be able to pay for now that they are unfettered by these idea of free.


As ProPublica reported in 2019, TurboTax waged a sustained campaign to stop eligible Americans from filing their taxes online for free.

In other words, it sure seems like Intuit makes it its business to screw over taxpayers. But that's not how Intuit sees it. Rather, according to company, the decision to drop out of the Free File program is all about breaking free of the shackles of free tax filing.

"Without the limitations of the Free File program, Intuit can provide more financial benefits and empower Americans of all income levels to take control of their finances at a time they need it most," reads the company's statement