The Lumistraw is a water purifying straw that literally purifies as you drink

If you picked up one of those cool UV light purifying water bottles that kill all the creepy crawly organisms snaking around inside your bottle using ultraviolet light, we hate to break this to you. As convenient as those bottles are at clearing potentially harmful microorganisms out of your drinking water, there's a new method that's faster and, dare we say, even cooler.

That's because Champs Industrial decided to rethink water purification — and it produced some breakthrough thinking with the Lumistraw Water Purifying Straw.

Water purification used to require filters, water purifying tablets or dealing with outdated disinfecting methods that always took a lot more time than anyone wants to spend. Heck, even those new UV light bottles take at least 60 seconds to eradicate all that bacteria. But Champs thought about the question of water purification and wondered, "Why not only disinfect the water you're about to drink, instead of treating the entire bottle at once?"

The Lumistraw is the result of that development, including Lumiflo technology that actually purifies your water as you drink. That's because the Lumistraw is actually that, a straw. But inside the straw body, UV light teams up with reflective material inside the straw only to purify the water inside the straw at a given moment. With almost 100 percent of that light reflecting through every molecule of your water, the Lumistraw destroys 99.99 percent of harmful bacteria instantly while you drink.

The flow cell design makes sure every drop is thoroughly purified, even if you want to drink from a cup or right out of the bottle through the silicone straw tip. Meanwhile, the charging port makes sure the Lumistraw can disinfect up to 45 cups of water on a single charge. Utilizing a system that's innovative and simple, it's no wonder Indiegogo and Kickstarter fans backed this item with over $35,000 worth of pledges.

Regularly $129, you can pick up the Lumistraw Water Purifying Straw and bottle for almost 40 percent off, cutting your cost down to only $79.99.

Prices subject to change