Infosec4TC offers dozens of intensive cybersecurity training courses for under $70

The growth rate of the average occupation in the U.S. over the next eight years is about 4 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But for information security analysts, a core pillar in today's cybersecurity industry, that number is expected to explode 31 percent by 2029.

Outside of Prince William, there is literally no career choice with more built-in job security these days than a qualified and certified cybersecurity specialist. If you know your stuff and can prove it in securing and defending an organization's central computer systems and operations, you may be the most valuable person in your company, CEO included. Especially if you work in a particularly vulnerable industry like healthcare

With the training available as part of an Infosec4TC Cyber Security Training membership, you can guarantee you've got the background and the knowledge to understand and act against cyber threats at the speed of modern business needs.

The course package from Infosec4TC is not only voluminous, but it's also comprehensive too. Members get the virtual keys to the entire cybersecurity kingdom, featuring over 90 courses covering all the biggest topics facing today's top IT security professionals.

There's coursework here that can help new and experienced IT personnel grapple with key cybersecurity training areas like ethical hacking, penetration testing, risk management, and more. Meanwhile, courses also prep learners for certification training in areas like GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC), and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) training.

Considering how much impact IT certifications now hold for many hiring managers, this package also features a massive wealth of prep courses for those critical exams, including training in top-flight areas like key CompTIA certification. 

Along with all those courses, students will also find a treasure trove of cybersecurity material from exam practice questions to extra training resources to future course updates as part of your membership to guarantee you never fall behind on vital learning.

Right now, a lifetime of platinum Infosec4TC Cybersecurity Training is now available for just $69.

Prices subject to change