The Thai Chefs Moon Knife can be the new centerpiece meal prep tool in your kitchen

If you aren't up to speed on the intricacies of knives and knife production, then a Thai Moon Knife might look more like a weapon than a kitchen utensil.

With a wide blade that visually looks more like a cleaver than a traditional food preparing knife, it's the product of more than 200 years of knife-making evolution in its native land. And right now, you can add this precision chef's tool to a fully stocked kitchen arsenal for just the right mix of old-world awe and seriously old-world power.

Crafted from carbon steel, the Moon Knife is actually made in a Thailand village, the product of a knife-honing tradition that goes back to gorgeously intricate swords forged during the Thai-Burma war of the 1700s.

Named for its rounded, moon-inspired blade, the Moon Knife is almost a foot long, which allows for a longer cut from the light, thin blade edge. While that precision is finely crafted for slicing meat and other delicate prep work, that huge blade can bring the power as well, cutting cleanly through bone or hard-skinned fruit and vegetables like coconuts, watermelons, and more.

Sharpened to traditional standards, this Moon Knife has a distinctive dark patina that is not only supremely eye-catching in your kitchen, but it also helps protect the blade from rust. Assuming your Moon Knife is properly washed and dried after each use, it only needs the occasional light rub with mineral oil to keep it in pristine condition for years, and even decades to come.

As a chef's knife, this blade is also fundamentally suited to tackle most kitchen duties, so whether it's in the hands of an amateur meal preparer or a professional chef, this knife can help fill out anyone's toolset. It also comes packaged in a finely crafted bamboo box to keep it kitchen-ready at all times.

Retailing for $70, this deal slices $10 off the price of the Thai Chefs Moon Knife, adding it to your tool kit for only $59.99.

Prices subject to change.