A freaked-out man shoos a bear out of his car in this hilarious TikTok video

"Fuck!" a barefoot guy in a tie-dye T-shirt blurts out before opening up his car to let out a bear. That's right, a big bear somehow ended up in his car, which was parked on top of a mountain in touristy Gatlinburg, Tennessee while he and his friends slept in a cabin. And it's made for a hilarious 10-day (so far) TikTok series.

In this video, his friends can be heard screaming "Rawr!!" in the background while the guy screams, "Go! Go!" to the bear. The startled bear does what he's told, looking from one person to the other with an "I'm outta here" expression, before running the hell away from these crazy humans.

Since his bear encounter 10 days ago, @bear_inna-car has dedicated his TikTok (which only had one other video before this one) to this bear story. In subsequent videos he answers questions like, "How the heck did a bear get into the car?" (Bears are clever.) "How did the guys discover the bear?" (Uh, the bear started honking the horn at 7am, waking up the hungover men who had partied until 4am.) "Where is this?" (Tennessee.) "Was there damage to the car?" (Oh yeah, thousands of dollars worth!)

In today's video, still not over his harrowing experience, he resorts to telling a wild bird about his bear story. Pretty funny stuff.