City councilmember's racist attack brings another member to tears

Tommy Bryant, a 76-year-old city councilperson in Tarrant, Alabama decided to respond to questions about his wife's use of inappropriate language by ringing the racist bell.

Bama Politics:

For the next few minutes, Bryant takes the floor and his points are scattered. Bryant and Newton have a few back and forth exchanges and Bryant complains about being interrupted by others in the past. Just after the 1 hour and 38-minute mark in the video, Newton takes the floor and brings up Bryant's wife and her social media posts. From there, the exchange grows with another city council member commenting about his wife's social media posts and Bryant defending himself stating that his wife does not speak for him.

Just before the 1 hour and 41-minute mark, an unidentified person in the audience states that Bryant's wife used the n-word on Facebook. This leads directly into Bryant's use of the racial slur saying, "Let's get to the n-word." before using the line "Do we have a house n***er in here", pointing to his left, apparently directing attention to city council member Veronica Freeman and claiming that Newton used the slur in reference to her.

At this point, there are audible gasps in the crowd and just over a minute later Freeman, sitting close to Newton, can be seen sobbing into her hands within view of the camera, only to leave and continue to cry off camera.