Save nearly $500 on a home battery backup and solar panel generator for power outages

Last year's Tropical Storm Isaias may not have made landfall as a full-blown hurricane, but it did enough damage along the U.S. East Coast that power was knocked out to over 2 million homes in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, leaving hundreds of thousands without power for days. Those fears were stoked again earlier this month as Tropical Storm Elsa came ashore, again knocking out power to thousands from Florida to South Carolina to New Jersey. Meanwhile, California power shortages had energy grid officials calling for conservation and worried about averting blackouts through the rest of this blistering hot summer. 

From natural disasters to heatwaves to wildfires, there is any number of factors that can plunge your home into darkness. And while we'd all like to hope the power will be quickly restored, we know that might not always be the case. Phones die, food spoils, and problems begin in earnest when real power emergencies strike.

Users can protect their homes and families from the impacts of any emergency power loss with the help of a HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station.

Made for serious power needs, this reliable, versatile, and highly portable battery stores up to 1,002 watt-hours, which can help supply up to 7 days of emergency power to all of your most crucial devices and home appliances. The HomePower One's recharging compatibility is massive, with 3 AC outlets, a 12-volt car outlet, and 4 USB ports, it's ready to deliver power to almost any device. Since you never know when an emergency will strike, the HomePower One always stays ready, promising to keep its power store available for up to a year on a single charge.

So what happens when you finally run out of juice? If the power is still out and you can't recharge from a standard AC outlet, you can also hook the unit up to the battery's companion SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel Power Generator. Powered by monocrystalline solar cells, the SolarPower One offers 50 percent higher energy conversion efficiency than traditional solar cells to replenish your battery fast. It only takes 30 seconds to set up and with the panels working, you can charge the HomePower One to full strength with just 10 hours of sunlight. 

Right now, you can give yourself the ultimate power peace of mind with a HomePower One Backup Battery Power Station, a $1,299 value, for only $949.99. Or bundle up and save over 25 percent off by getting both a HomePower One and a SolarPower One Portable Solar Panel Power Generator for just $1,399, a savings of almost $500.

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