The One-Hitter is the easiest, most covert smoking pipe you'll ever see, and it's just $18 now

We're past the point of making stoner jokes every time a cannabis product is mentioned, right? Sure, it's tempting to always reference the munchies or laziness or just start giggling incessantly at the mere mention of marijuana, but we're in a different age now. An age of legalization and CBD and wellness. 

That said, there may be no product more aptly named than this ode to the fast toker, the ultra-efficient Simple One-Hitter.

Yeah, that's exactly what it is. Created as an expertly designed lifestyle accessory for smart smokers, this pipe couldn't be easier to use. Made from inert aluminum, stainless steel, and patent-pending airflow technology, the One-Hitter is all about delivering one, clean, smooth hit whenever it's needed.

With the adjustable slide, users can select the exact bowl size they want, anywhere from a tiny .01 grams up to a fuller .2 grams. Once you light the One-Hitter and breathe, your suction draws the flame in, catching your consumables and delivering the exact hit for the moment. The unique design actually dissipates the heat and cools the smoke for the smoothest possible draw, all in a pipe barely three inches long that looks more like an ink pen than a smoking accessory.

The solid construction makes the One-Hitter incredibly durable and shockproof, capable of avoiding the cracks and shattering that can happen when lesser pipes get dropped. And all it takes is to remove one screw to fully disassemble the One-Hitter for a complete and thorough full cleaning that any quality pipe needs to produce a premium quality experience.

While the Simple One-Hitter usually runs $25, you can take one for a spin now and test it out for yourself at almost 30 percent off, down to only $17.86 while this deal lasts.

Prices subject to change